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Neck injuries: The symptoms, tests and treatments

Neck injuries are some of the most difficult to live with. Any part of the neck can be injured from the muscles and joints to the nerves and ligaments. When you're in a car crash, you may easily injure your neck as your head is thrown forward or sideways. You may feel pain in your jaw or head even though your neck is what is injured.

There are several kinds of neck injuries you could suffer including muscle strain or tension, herniation of the discs in the neck, whiplash or nerve damage. It's important that you get the medical help you need after a crash so that you can recover from these injuries.

Any blow to the head is dangerous

No matter how it might occur, a blow to the head is a much more dangerous thing that many people realize. One only needs to look to the recent controversy over the prevalence of head injuries in sports like football, boxing and hockey to understand that the threats are very real.

However, you don't have to play football or box to receive a blow to the head that could leave you with a brain injury. Many people receive brain injuries from blows to the head during car accidents — and in many cases, don't even remember that it happened!

The heat is on: The dangers of summer construction work

California is warm all year round, but the summer is particularly dangerous for those who must work outside in the elements. The sun is hot, water is sometimes scarce and it's humid. This is a combination of factors that can lead to serious illness on the job.

Some of the most dangerous illnesses you face while working construction in the heat include sun poisoning, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Here is some information on how to recognize and stop these illnesses in their tracks.

3 avoidable motorcycle accident causes

You were driving down the road on a calm afternoon ride when a car pulled out and cut off your route. With no time to stop, you're left to dodge or hit the vehicle head-on. Tragically, this is a common type of accident for those on motorcycles.

Left-turn accidents like the one above, as well as other kinds, cause many accidents each year. What can you do to avoid them? Here are three tips.

Recovery: How a herniated disc can affect your life

It was a normal morning when you hopped in your car to go to work. You took your usual route, and you didn't expect anything bad to happen.

The next thing you knew, your vehicle was forced off the road by a dangerous driver. Your vehicle rolled, and you suffered a number of injuries in the crash. One of those injuries was a herniated disc.

The true dangers of side-impact collisions

Side-impact collisions, also known as side collisions or T-bone collisions, are dangerous accidents that take place when one vehicle hits the side of another head on. You know what they are: one vehicle is crushed in the front while the other takes the impact from the side.

What you might not know is that side crashes make up around a fourth of all passenger vehicle accidents involving a death in the United States. Why does a side-impact collision cause so much damage?

3 steps to take after your child suffers a dog bite

Dog bites are dangerous to you not only because of the damage they cause physically, but also because of the emotional distress they cause. Imagine your child coming home from playing to find that he has bites that are bleeding. They’re deep, and instead of staying where he was, he ran away and came home. Now, you’re faced with a dilemma. You have to seek out medical care, but you also want to report the incident. Here’s what you can do now. 

Drivers are more likely to be liable in a child bicycle crash

Most bicycle versus car accidents involve children. This is because 1) children are often riding bicycles since it's one of the only modes of transportation available to them, and 2) children are less capable of avoiding car crashes.

Consider your 9-year-old son compared to your 39-year-old brother. When these two people get on bicycles, your brother is going to be a lot smarter about staying safe. Meanwhile, your 9-year-old son will be more likely to dart into traffic unexpectedly.

What Is A Dooring Collision?

Hundreds of thousands of bicycle collisions happen every year in the state of California, resulting in more than a hundred annual fatalities. While many of these happen when both the motor vehicle and the bicycle are in motion, many happen when the vehicle is parked, and the key is out of the ignition.

A bicycle rider may be going past a row of parallel parked cars only to be sideswiped by someone opening their door to get out of the car. This is called a "dooring collision."

California drivers and new EMA technology for trucks

California drivers may benefit from recently announced rear-end collision avoidance technology from truck component companies ZF and WABCO. ZF is known for its electro-hydraulic steering system while WABCO is recognized for its OnGuard active braking technology. The new Evasive Maneuver Assist system will build on the strengths of both companies to help reduce the prevalence and severity of trucking accidents in the future.

EMA technology uses sensory information, such as radar, audio, visual and haptic signals, to sense whether a collision is about to occur. If the system senses an impending collision, usually because a car is stopped up ahead, it will alert the driver. When the truck driver does not take action within a given amount of time, the automatic system will take control to either stop or maneuver around the other vehicle.

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