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The ever-present danger of slip-and-fall accidents

It only takes a few seconds for a trip to the grocery store or even the doctor's office to end in a serious injury. One moment, you're hurrying along and the next, you're flat on your back, wincing in pain. While some people think that slip-and-fall accidents are funny, their reality is far more serious. People can break bones, hurt their spines or even suffer serious head and brain injuries in a slip-and-fall accident. Over a million people get hurt in slip-and-fall incidents each year. Sometimes, these people fail to report their accident, which can cause issues for them in the future.

Neck injuries: The symptoms, tests and treatments

Neck injuries are some of the most difficult to live with. Any part of the neck can be injured from the muscles and joints to the nerves and ligaments. When you're in a car crash, you may easily injure your neck as your head is thrown forward or sideways. You may feel pain in your jaw or head even though your neck is what is injured.

Any blow to the head is dangerous

No matter how it might occur, a blow to the head is a much more dangerous thing that many people realize. One only needs to look to the recent controversy over the prevalence of head injuries in sports like football, boxing and hockey to understand that the threats are very real.

3 avoidable motorcycle accident causes

You were driving down the road on a calm afternoon ride when a car pulled out and cut off your route. With no time to stop, you're left to dodge or hit the vehicle head-on. Tragically, this is a common type of accident for those on motorcycles.

The true dangers of side-impact collisions

Side-impact collisions, also known as side collisions or T-bone collisions, are dangerous accidents that take place when one vehicle hits the side of another head on. You know what they are: one vehicle is crushed in the front while the other takes the impact from the side.

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