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Distracted driving a big concern for California Highway Patrol

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2015 | Car Accidents |

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Many safety organizations in California are making more of an effort to educate motorists about the dangers of distracted driving to reduce the number of car accidents.

Reports show that almost 4,000 people were injured in car accidents caused by distracted driving in the state in 2013. To address the dangers of distracted driving, the California Highway Patrol will educate the public by visiting schools, doing local interviews and making presentations.

All drivers are at risk for driving distracted. However, younger drivers are more at risk for distractions behind the wheel. This first week of April is Teen Safe Driving Week so safety groups are trying to educate teens about the serious hazards of cellphone use and other distractions while driving.

Recent studies have shown that it’s not just cellphone use that contributes to distracted driving. Other distracting behaviors can play a role in car accidents, including reaching for objects, talking to other passengers, looking at things outside of the vehicle and changing the radio.

The CHP is hoping that their efforts will keep the roads safer for everyone and reduce the number of accidents caused by distracted drivers. The CHP said that they hope that drivers of all ages can take something away from their safety campaign and understand the importance of making driving their number priority when they are behind the wheel.

Distracted driving continues to pose serious risks. Distracted driving safety efforts are likely to continue in the future until the public stops using electronic devices while driving.

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