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The worst time to drive on California roadways

On Behalf of | May 20, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Aggressive, distracted or impaired drivers can cause accidents on any day of the year. However, there are some days when the rate of accidents and insurance claims is higher. For instance, accident rates tend to be higher around an NFL stadium after the home team loses a game. The claim rate increases by an average of 9.4 percent compared to just 3.2 percent if the home team wins.

Certain holidays are known for an increased rate of insurance claims related to motor vehicle accidents caused by negligent drivers. On Black Friday, parking lot claims rise 36 percent while accidents involving parked cars make up 11.1 percent of all insurance claims on that day. During Memorial Day weekend, 44 percent of all accidents are alcohol-related. Accident rates are higher than average due to the fact that an estimated 36.1 million drivers are on the road during that period of time.

The rate of traffic fatalities increases by an average of 17 percent on the Monday after the clocks shift to daylight saving time. This is according to research done by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System. Overall, there are an average of 302 traffic fatalities during the first six days after making the switch. The cost associated with the fatalities is estimated to be up to $2.75 billion over 10 years.

Those who have been injured in car accidents often face significant medical expenses, and many are confronted with financial burdens if they are unable to return to work during their recovery period. In a case where the accident was caused by an impaired or otherwise negligent driver, a personal injury attorney can assist a client in pursuing the recovery of damages from the responsible party to compensate for the losses that have been sustained.