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California drivers may see new safety features added to cars

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Car Accidents |

Drivers in Alameda may see more protection features in new vehicles if the National Transportation Safety Board is successful in its latest campaign. The organization has determined that collision avoidance systems could save many lives.

The NTSB released a report that outlined their recommendation for added safety features to be included in vehicles being manufactured in the future. According to the report, the collision avoidance system may save thousands of lives every year and reduce pain and suffering for injured parties. The safety board would like to see the system become standard on every car. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers wants to make the collision avoidance systems an option that can be purchased by the vehicle owner rather than a mandatory feature.

The system is comprised of a number of sensors that alert the driver of potential collisions. The sensors will predict imminent crashes with stopped vehicles, which would then engage an assisted or autonomous brake system. Another feature includes a warning to the driver that the car has traveled out of the lane or is otherwise moving in an unstable fashion. Brake systems can be developed further once they are approved and encouraged by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NTSB would like to see the new safety features included in the NHTSA 5-star New Car Assessment Program safety information for consumers.

Despite enhancements in safety features, car accidents will likely remain relatively common. They can also be disruptive to the victims and often place a great strain on the lives and finances of those involved. Car crash victims who were not at fault may be able to receive a settlement through a personal injury lawsuit.