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New safety technology could help prevent truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2015 | Truck Accidents |

Samsung is developing a ‘safety truck” that could potentially reduce the number of truck accidents that occur on two-lane roads in California. The orototype has been tested in Argentina, and the South Korean conglomerate says that the idea works and could save a lot of lives. Argentina has some of the worst traffic accident rates in the world, and Samsung is reportedly working with the Argentinian government to get its safety truck on the nation’s roads.

The company’s safety truck is equipped with a grill-mounted wireless camera that records everything the truck driver is seeing ahead of them. On the back of the safety truck, four large screens stream the video from the camera in real time. When passenger car drivers get behind behind the truck on a two-lane road, they are able to watch the screens to learn when it is safe to pass the truck.

The safety truck may be able to prevent accidents that are caused by impatient drivers who attempt to pass slow moving trucks on two-lane roads. Because some trucks are too large for drivers to see around, drivers could accidentally pass the truck at the wrong moment and collide head-on with another vehicle.

Passenger car drivers are not always to blame for truck accidents. Many of these types of collisions are caused by truck drivers who ignore federal trucking regulations by driving for excessive hours without rest. In some cases this is due to pressure from the trucking company itself. Truck accidents can also be caused by defective auto parts or speeding. Those who are injured in such an incident may want to speak with an attorney to determine the best method to pursue compensation from the responsible parties.