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Signs of whiplash after an accident

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2015 | Car Accidents |

While seeking treatment after sustaining injuries in a car accident is important, some injuries might not be immediately evident when one is first evaluated by a medical professional. California residents might have some familiarity with the term whiplash but may not know that this injury can start causing problems in the days following a crash.

Car accidents can cause injuries because these sudden events may make one’s neck move back and forth at a rapid pace, so those who suffer from whiplash often experience pain or stiffness in the neck or shoulder after a wreck. CT scans, X-rays or MRIs could help a physician diagnose whiplash, and those who start having headaches days after a crash might need to seek medical attention as this delayed symptom may indicate a serious problem such as a blood clot or severe concussion.

Lower back pain is common in rear impact-collisions and especially common in side-impact crashes. If back pain develops after a wreck, the nerves, ligaments or vertebrate in the back could be damaged.

Aches and pains are normal when one suffers injuries in an accident, but numbness in the arms and hands could signal that one has whiplash. This takes place when the spinal column or neck is damaged, and one should also pay attention if changes in physical function occur. This may include problems with movement, cognition or memory, and changes in personality or depression can also take place.

Since symptoms of whiplash could start appearing days after a motor vehicle accident, it might be necessary to visit a physician multiple times to get the correct diagnosis. Treatment might require checkups, rehabilitation, medication or even surgery in some cases. When worried about affording medical bills after a wreck caused by another driver, it might be possible to seek a lawyer’s help with filing a personal injury suit in civil court.