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Pianist settles lawsuit with California theater

According to reports, a famous pianist whose fingertip was severed by a faulty bathroom door at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood has settled the lawsuit she filed against the theater and its non-profit owner. The woman's fingertip on her middle finger of her left hand was reportedly severed on April 11, 2014, when she went to the venue to attend a film screening.

Attempts to keep tired drivers off the road hampered

Commercial truck drivers in California and the rest of America are subject to a federal regulation whenever they are at work on the road. This rule attempts to prohibit drivers who are excessively fatigued, physically ill or otherwise temporarily incapable of operating their vehicle responsibly from going to work. However, enforcement is complicated by the lack of scientific consensus as to what fatigue is or how it should be measured.

California drivers concerned about rising traffic fatalities

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration monitors the trends in traffic fatalities by analyzing accident reports. In the first nine months of 2014, there were 23,796 traffic deaths, and in the first nine months of 2015 the agency has estimated there were over 26,000 deaths. This means that traffic fatalities were up 9.3 percent nationwide for the first time after years of declining steadily.

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