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2016 Memorial holiday traveling statistics and safety tips

On Behalf of | May 26, 2016 | Car Accidents |

California motorists who plan to travel during the 2016 Memorial Day weekend might be surprised to learn the large amount of vehicle-related deaths and injuries that the National Safety Council estimates will occur. According to reports, the NSC has estimated that more than 50,000 people will be severely injured in vehicle-related accidents and 439 will die. If these estimates come to pass, the 2016 Memorial Day holiday will experience more fatalities since 2009, when 469 crash-related deaths occurred.

The report also noted that the amount of crash-related fatalities were 8 percent higher in 2015 compared to 2014. These numbers reveal the highest year-over-year percentage increase in five decades, according to the NSC’s preliminary findings.

Roads typically become increasingly more crowed and dangerous during summertime. In fact, in 2014, from May 24 to August 31, there were more than 9,500 vehicle-related fatalities. This increase may also be related to speeding and driving under the influence, which commonly occur during summer.

A NSC representative said that since driving has many risks, motorists should exercise caution and defensive driving skills to prevent a crash that could result in injuries or death. The NSC suggests several safety tips for motorists such as using seat belts, appointing designated drivers or using alternate transportation for anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and refraining from using a cellphone even if the device uses hands-free technology.

A negligent driver who causes a serious car accident that leaves another person critically injured may be held liable for his or her actions via a personal injury lawsuit. Victims wishing to pursue their crash-related losses might wish to seek the assistance of an attorney who could use information from the police report and eyewitness accounts to demonstrate negligence.

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