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How truck drivers can prevent jackknifing

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2016 | Truck Accidents |

When a California truck driver has to stop very suddenly, there is a risk that the truck could jackknife. Jackknifing occurs when the trailer loses traction and sways out from behind the truck cab. Not only can this prevent the truck from being able to stop, it could also cause accidents that could lead to injuries or deaths. Knowing how to prevent jackknifing is important for drivers.

Truck drivers should always be paying attention to their trailers. If the trailer appears to be swinging out or if the driver has to break hard, preventing a jackknife is of the utmost importance. The easiest way to prevent a jackknife is to release the brakes so that the truck can keep rolling. This allows the wheels to regain traction. If it is possible, the driver can also increase the speed of the vehicle until the trailer falls back in line.

Many jackknifing accidents occur when the trailer is empty as there is decreased traction. Proper braking is also crucial. For example, truck drivers should never brake when taking on turns. When approaching a curve, the driver should slowly decrease the vehicle’s speed. Finally, truck drivers should avoid putting themselves in situations when they may have to break hard.

When other motorists become involved in truck accidents, they may suffer serious injuries or even death. If a motorist suffers a serious injury that requires medical treatment, an attorney may assist with filing a personal injury lawsuit. Depending on the situation, the lawsuit may be filed against the negligent truck driver as well as the company that employed the driver. The injured person may seek compensation for any financial damages that he or she may have sustained.