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“Death by Pokémon Go” study delves into car accident data

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Pokémon Go! is a popular app that allows users to gather various Pokémon creatures and partake in game play. The unique aspect of this app was the fact that it incorporated real world locations. Users would stop at specific locations, like a park or mall, to get a new creature, pokeballs, battle at gyms or partake in other activities related to the game.

In theory, the app seems like a great way to get kids and adults outside while still playing a beloved game. In reality, the app resulted in a spike in car accidents, often with tragic consequences.

What does data tell us about Pokémon Go! game play and car accidents? A recent study out of Purdue University found that accidents were higher at designated stops for the app. The spike was likely related to distracted driving practices. Researchers with the study estimate the app resulted in up to $7.3 billion dollars nationwide for the first 148 days following the release of the app.

What about victims of Pokémon Go! accidents? Those who were injured and suspect the driver was distracted by Pokémon Go!, other smartphone apps or was simply not operating the vehicle with due care can likely qualify for legal remedies.

What legal remedies are available after this type of accident? In many cases, compensation may be available through a personal injury lawsuit. This can result in a monetary award to help cover medical bills and other costs needed to rebuild your life after the accident. Contact an attorney experienced in serious motor vehicle accident cases to discuss your options.