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I slipped and fell at a grocery store: Can I sue?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2017 | Blog |

Grocery stores are fraught with slip-and-fall dangers. For one, they are filled with various items containing liquids, slippery fruits and veggies and other items that can fall, break and create dangerous situations. Secondly, they usually have slick floors that get extra slippery when wet.

Fortunately, if you slipped and fell at a grocery story and suffered a serious injury as a result, you might have the ability to pursue financial compensation in court.

Here’s what you need to know about grocery store slips and falls

If you fell at a grocery store, never assume that the accident was your fault. More importantly, never feel stupid because you fell. Grocery store slip-and-fall accidents give rise to thousands of personal injury cases every year. If you fell at a grocery store, you are definitely not alone.

Failing to clean up spills quickly, failure to put up warning signs about wet floors, and failing to maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of a store can result in a serious injury unnecessarily. As such, grocery store owners, managers and employees have a legal responsibility to keep their facilities slip-hazard and trip-hazard free. This responsibility extends to outside the store as well, and store owners need to keep their parking lots and surrounding sidewalks free of puddles, ice, cracked sidewalks and other dangers.

What if I didn’t buy anything and I didn’t even go to the emergency room?

Purchasing something at a place of business is not necessary for you to have the right to sue following a slip-and-fall event. When a store owner opens his or her doors for business and invites customers inside, he or she creates the duty to keep the premises safe.

Even if your grocery store injury didn’t require emergency medical care, it was still an injury and the medical costs you incurred because of that injury could be recoverable.

Learn more about your legal rights and options

Not all grocery store accidents will result in the owner of the grocery store being liable. However, many of them will. In fact, if you got hurt in a slip-and-fall event at any kind of business place, you may want to explore your legal rights and options to pursue a personal injury claim for damages.