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Tips to help prove fault in a car accident

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2017 | Car Accidents |

It’s the most basic rule of driver’s education: drive safely. A failure to follow basic traffic rules can result in a ticket. Traffic tickets serve as one way to help deter drivers from making poor choices while driving. Unfortunately, even with the threat of a ticket some drivers drive in an unsafe manner. Legal remedies are available in the event that this negligence results in an accident that causes injury to another.

How can a victim pursue legal remedies after a car accident? Depending on the details of the accident, compensation may be available through a personal injury lawsuit. A victim will need to gather evidence to support allegations that the other party was responsible for the accident. Examples can include:

  • Police reports. If police were called to the accident, a police report was likely filed. Get a copy. Review the information. The report may include the responding officer’s opinion about liability. If you agree with this opinion, it can help your case. If you do not, you can challenge the report.
  • Type of accidents. Some accidents are clearly the fault of one driver. The most common example is a rear-end collision. In most cases, the driver that collides with the back of another vehicle is liable.

Those who are injured in a car accident likely have a number of questions about how to hold the other driver liable for the resulting injuries. Although the above provide some guidance, it is often wise to seek legal counsel to help find answers to all of your questions. An attorney experienced in motor vehicle accident cases can review the details of your crash and provide guidance on the best way to hold the responsible party accountable for the costs of the accident.