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When ski vacations lead to hospital visits, who's liable?

Ski vacations are a popular way to get out and enjoy the outdoors while taking in some serene winter landscapes. Californians have many options here in the state as well as in neighboring Utah and Colorado. But who exactly is liable in the event of an accident on a ski hill? The answer will depend on the details of the accident.

Hit-and-run car accident victim unable to work

As California residents may know, there is a reason why it is against the law to flee the scene of an accident. Hit-and-run car accidents can be devastating to a victim and the victim's family in that it can leave them struggling with financial damage as well as physical injuries.

Autonomous vehicles: Will software makers be liable for a crash?

Autonomous vehicles are gaining in popularity. Autonomous vehicle manufacturers state these vehicles are safe and reliable, less likely to get into an accident than those that are operated by human drivers. But what if something goes wrong? What if this technology malfunctions?

New study highlights dangers of heavy cars

It is no surprise that new cars are generally safer than their older counterparts. These vehicles have various safety mechanisms that are designed to reduce the risk of a crash and increase the likelihood that a driver and passengers within the vehicle will not suffer serious injuries.

Woman suffers fatal injuries at trampoline park

Trampoline parks have gained popularity throughout the country, offering everything from open jump times and planned birthday parties to organized exercise classes. Although the bright colors and festive music appear to promise a great time to those who enter the front door, the participants generally cannot get past the main entrance without signing off on a waiver.

Drunk driver arrests soar, but California motorists must be wary

In California, as in all other states, drunk drivers are a scourge on the highways. They pose a significant danger to other motorists by way of car accidents, serious injury and even highway deaths. Fortunately, over the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve 2017, a greater number of drunk drivers were arrested than in the same period last year. Whether this indicates better enforcement or a larger number of people driving drunk, it's a clear reminder to motorists that they should always be wary while driving.

Fatal accident on Christmas Eve claims life of officer

The holidays are, for most Alameda families, a time to celebrate together. The loss of a loved one at this time of the year can be a particularly devastating blow, especially when it occurs as the result of another individual's negligence and could otherwise have been avoided entirely.

California pedestrians and car accidents

A driver recently struck and killed a 26 year-old pedestrian in California. The accident occurred just after 8 in the evening and is under investigation. Although we do not know the exact cause of this accident, it does provide incentive to pause and question how we can better ensure our safety while enjoying California on foot.

Lifetime costs of TBI can reach into the millions of dollars

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a devastating injury that can upset the life plan of a California victim. A TBI can result from any number of negligence-based accidents such as car accidents, premises liability incidents and workplace traumas. Not all victims of TBI will recover from their accidents and some may be significantly afflicted for their entire lives.

Ski accidents in CA: Examples, injuries and potential remedies

California is a state known for beautiful beaches, wine country and wonderful weather. It is also a state with many winter outdoor activities including skiing and snowboarding. Although enjoyable, these winter sports come with some risks.

Should I pursue a lawsuit after a car accident in California?

Car accidents can cause serious injury. In these cases, victims may consider holding a driver that caused the accident responsible for his or her actions through a personal injury lawsuit. It is likely that victims have questions before moving forward with such a lawsuit. These questions may include:

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