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Lawsuit against Walmart over slip-and-fall accident continues

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2018 | Premises Liability |

Walmart is no stranger to headlines about customer safety issues in its stores. From Black Friday crowds trampling victims to dangerous individuals wielding weapons in the aisles, the retail giant has made the news for a number of deeply concerning episodes. Yet Alameda residents continue to read stories about even the most basic safety precautions being neglected, giving rise to hazardous conditions.

In one Walmart store, a woman was shopping when she slipped and fell in a puddle of salad dressing on the floor. Not only did she hurt herself in the fall, but pre-existing conditions from which she also suffered were aggravated by her injuries. The accident left her disabled, with lost wages from work, continuing pain and the inability to enjoy the life she had before slipping and falling at the retail store.

The shopper filed a lawsuit last year seeking compensation from Walmart for her losses because of their failure to address the hazardous condition. While the company has acknowledged that the victim was in the store on the day she indicated, they are attempting to deny liability. In part, they argue that they bear no liability because of the victim’s pre-existing condition, and attempt to shift the blame onto her and her alleged inattentiveness. An initial effort by Walmart to get a court to throw out the lawsuit failed, however, so the premises liability lawsuit will proceed for the time being.

Customer safety is not just about heading off high-profile incidents: it is about the day-to-day responsibility that every property owner bears for individuals on the property. A legal professional experienced in premises liability claims can help victims stand up for their rights, even when the negligent property owner is a powerful nationwide corporation.

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