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Driver causes fatal accident in Alameda County construction zone

Criminal charges are an important way in which Alameda County holds distracted or otherwise negligent drivers accountable when their actions lead to the loss of innocent lives. However, the threshold of proof necessary to convict someone can be difficult to clear. In those cases, officials may not press charges at all.

Driver falls asleep at wheel, causing fatal car crash

In Alameda and across California, one of the most dangerous kinds of car accidents is a rear-end crash. People are not expecting it, so they have little chance to avoid it or brace themselves. Often, the vehicle that crashes into them is traveling at a high rate of speed or is a larger vehicle, exacerbating the damage and potential for injury. When there is a rear-end accident, those who have been injured or lost a loved one should understand all they will face after it has happened.

Negligent maintenance can lead to truck accidents

A driver's negligence behind the wheel is frequently a factor in car accidents. When looking at truck accidents, however, it's possible that a driver may do everything right while out on the road and still cause a collision due to a different kind of negligence. We're talking about negligent truck maintenance.

Help for car accident victims with back and neck injuries

The types of injuries that Alameda victims suffer when two or more vehicles collide can be graphic and shocking to see. But here at the Law Offices of Leonard S. Becker, APC, we know that car accident injuries lingering beneath the surface can be every bit as painful, as life-altering and as deserving of compensation as outwardly obvious injuries.

What happens when you break a tooth in a slip-and-fall accident?

Recently, this blog discussed a fall injury where the victim broke one of her teeth, among other injuries. When we're used to talking about broken bones and other more graphic injuries, a broken tooth may seem trivial in comparison. But just how serious is a fractured or broken tooth and what will treatment require?

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