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Negligent maintenance can lead to truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

A driver’s negligence behind the wheel is frequently a factor in car accidents. When looking at truck accidents, however, it’s possible that a driver may do everything right while out on the road and still cause a collision due to a different kind of negligence. We’re talking about negligent truck maintenance.

Recently, a dump truck driver was transporting fire debris to the dump. As he drove downhill towards a busy intersection, the brakes failed. The truck ran a red light at the intersection and caused a multi-vehicle crash. The truck and five other vehicles were consumed in flames and seven victims were injured; one of them, a wife and mother, was left paraplegic.

An investigative team enlisted by the California Highway Patrol found that the vehicle was carrying a load above its weight limit at the time, and that several of the truck’s brakes were not working properly. Moreover, the truck had not been serviced according to schedule, and the truck company itself received less than satisfactory ratings upon an inspection subsequent to the accident. The company disputes these findings and the police have yet to issue a report on the accident, but the paraplegic victim and her family are preparing to take legal action based on the report.

An overloaded truck with failing brakes is clearly a disaster waiting to happen. Situations like this are one reason why federal trucking regulations exist: to ensure that even a driver who is safe behind the wheel doesn’t cause an accident and serious injuries because the truck was not maintained in safe working order. When safety regulations are violated by truck companies and injuries result, a legal professional can help victims seek the compensation they deserve.