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5 serious injuries common after truck crashes

Truck accident injuries come in a number of forms, but one thing that you should know is that they are often severe. There is the weight of the truck to consider along with the potential for injuries from the speed of impact, your own vehicle's seat belt and airbags as well as potentially hazardous materials if they spill from the truck or tanker.

Recovery from a brain injury can be intensive, long-term process

Car and truck accidents, even minor ones, have the potential to be devastating, life-altering events. Many victims who survive a crash are left with a brain injury that can require intensive rehabilitation and lifelong care. Recently, one victim's progress in rehabilitation made headlines here in California, highlighting the complications that can accompany this condition.

How is a child's life evaluated in a wrongful death case?

The loss of a child's life in an automobile accident is a tragedy that no Alameda family should ever have to bear. Yet, far too often, families are confronted with this reality. As we've discussed previously, a wrongful death lawsuit can provide some measure of accountability as well as protection for a family's financial stability. But, how does a judge or jury decide what amount of compensation to award for the loss of a child's life?

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