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Dog bite victim required surgery, rabies shots

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | Premises Liability |

Sometimes, owners allow their dogs to run free in Alameda neighborhoods. Other times, dogs may get free on their own and roam loose. Whatever the case, when these animals cause injury, a premises liability lawsuit can hold their owner accountable.

A recent example occurred in a community a few hours to the east of Alameda, where a woman was walking in a church parking lot early on a Sunday morning. Two large dogs were apparently running and playing in the area, and when they approached the woman, she thought they were friendly. Then, suddenly, she was attacked.

The victim suffered a broken arm and lacerations as she held her arm up to ward off the dog. In the hospital, she had to undergo a painful series of rabies shots, and a stabilizing metal rod was surgically implanted to help restrict the mobility of the broken bones. Before police could identify and capture the dogs, one bit another victim in the stomach.

Police did eventually identify the owner, which is an important step in any dog bite attack. It is also important to document the injuries, especially in cases where medical attention is not sought immediately; photographs that show the extent of the physical damage are helpful. Written explanations of the psychological effects of a sudden, traumatic attack and the painful aftermath can also help demonstrate in court the nature of a victim’s losses.

When the owner is known and thorough evidence is compiled, a premises liability lawsuit can help hold a dog or other animal’s owner accountable for the attack. The compensation obtained through such an action can be vital in covering the often extensive hospital and other medical bills that treatment typically requires.