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Emotional trauma and premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2018 | Premises Liability |

We often write here on our Alameda personal injury law blog about the types of injuries and losses for which victims can seek compensation. All manner of outward physical injuries, brain injuries and the loss of a loved one’s life may be included in a legal action.

Sometimes, however, the injuries Alameda residents suffer in an animal attack or other accident go beyond the physical. Victims who appear to be recovering physically or in good health may find themselves experiencing insomnia or nightmares. They may suffer from mood swings and isolate from friends and family. They may experience major gains or losses in body weight, or they may suffer from a relentless fatigue. Whatever the case, they no longer seem to act like the same person as prior to the accident.

It’s not uncommon for accident victims – including those who experience an animal attack – to suffer from emotional trauma. When they do, it is something that they have a right to include in a premises liability lawsuit seeking compensation for their losses, but it can be tricky to demonstrate to a jury the extent of one’s losses due to emotional trauma. Medical records and employment records (e.g., time off due to your symptoms) are key, if available, but it’s also important to try to document everything that you’re experiencing on your own.

A legal professional can play a vital role in compiling all of the evidence available to document your claim for emotional trauma in a way that a jury can comprehend and use in calculating your award. We provide this information as a general background on emotional trauma claims only, not as specific legal advice.