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Trucks take much longer to stop

Most motorists in the San Francisco and greater Bay Area probably know that inattentive or distracted driving is a bad idea even when one is operating their private car. In some cases, someone who is just drifting off or is on one's phone can completely miss that the vehicle in front of them has come to a complete stop and slam into that vehicle's rear bumper. No doubt, there have been other cases in which a driver has a close call, realizing just in the nick of time that they are about to have an accident and are able to slam on the brakes.

Are punitive damages available after a California car accident?

Like other states, California allows injured victims in some cases to ask for what are referred to as punitive damages or exemplary damages. As with other types of cases, victims of car accidents in the Bay Area may be able to recover punitive damages under certain circumstances.

Know the risks of a rollover to avoid a collision

Rollover accidents are significant and a high-risk two people on the roads. With so many large trucks on highways, it is important for the people who are driving around them to understand when there is a risk of a rollover accident. There are a few factors that impact a truck's risk of a crash turning into a rollover.

Woman sent to prison for fatal crash

A woman from the San Francisco area who had no prior criminal history was sent to prison to serve a six-year term for her role in a deadly car accident from several years ago. In both the civil and criminal court systems, it can sometimes take years or even decades to sort out the legal consequences of a car accident.

What is electric shock drowning?

The area in and around San Francisco and the larger Bay Area is, quite obviously, full of places to boat, sail and enjoy the water. While the water in the ocean itself may be a little too cold for the liking of many would-be swimmers, there are also plenty of rivers, lakes, and the like where one can take a dip in the warmer months.

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