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Know the risks of a rollover to avoid a collision

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Firm News |

Rollover accidents are significant and a high-risk two people on the roads. With so many large trucks on highways, it is important for the people who are driving around them to understand when there is a risk of a rollover accident. There are a few factors that impact a truck’s risk of a crash turning into a rollover.

Knowing these factors can help you identify dangerous trucks and avoid them on the highway. It can also help you when describing your case if you are hurt by a vehicle that rolls over.

What causes vehicles to roll over?

In the case of cargo tank trucks, they often roll over because of vehicle design, the effect of loads, driver error and highway factors. Approximately 78 percent of all rollovers are a result of driver errors.

How can you identify dangerous trucks on the roads?

One thing that creates a higher risk of a rollover accident is the speed at which a driver is traveling. If you are around a truck that is speeding, slow down or get around the vehicle to avoid a collision. If a collision does happen, there is a higher risk of a rollover as a result.

The height of a vehicle also plays a role in the risk of a rollover. The taller a vehicle, the more likely it is to roll over because of uneven weight distribution (becoming top-heavy), the force of wind against a large, flat surface of the truck’s body or because of tipping. In the case that air is a factor, you may notice the truck’s trailer waving back and forth, which is a sign that there is a potential for a rollover.

Loading the truck incorrectly can also result in a rollover crash. Vehicles that become top-heavy from heavy items being placed at the top of the load and vehicles that are overloaded both have a risk of rolling. It’s important to note if the load is shifting or appears unstable.

Driver errors are the most significant reason for rollover crashes. Taking a turn too tightly, speeding, falling asleep behind the wheel and other mistakes often lead to rollover crashes. You can identify dangerous drivers by noting their speed and actions on the roads. Weaving, sudden movements and abrupt stops can all be signs of a driver who isn’t paying attention. Any of these situations could suddenly result in crashes, so it’s best to avoid the vehicle when possible.