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Interstate 5 is one of the more dangerous highways

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Truck Accidents |

One of the most famous highways in California, perhaps second only to the famous Pacific Coast Highway, is Interstate 5. This freeway passes through several major California centers as it effectively bisects the state lengthwise on its way from the Mexican border all the way up to close to Canada.

While not passing directly through the Bay Area, there is no doubt many of locals have to take this interstate when doing any sort of traveling over longer distances.

Unfortunately, the highway does not have the best reputation for safety. According to an analysis of statistics, Interstate 5 sadly accounts for .531 traffic fatalities per every mile of highway. This puts it just outside the top 15 most dangerous highways in the country.

While the statistics did not break down what sorts of vehicles are involved in these accidents, the indication was that multiple vehicle crashes accounted for the largest share of these crashes.

Given that a large number of trucks and other commercial vehicles use Interstate 5 to transport goods and passengers through California, there can be little doubt that a good chunk of these fatalities are due to truck accidents and other accidents involving buses and other large commercial vehicles.

Whether it happens on Interstate 5 or on a freeway that is closes to Alameda or other parts of greater San Francisco, the victim of a truck or bus accident may have legal options available to him or her if the driver of the commercial vehicle caused the accident. One such option is to file suit and seek compensation for items like lost wages, medical bills and non-economic losses.