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Pickup, motorcycle involved in fatal crash near I-580

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

A collision between a motorcycle and a pickup truck on a road in the rural part of Alameda County left one person dead and another person injured. Initial reports about the accident were rather sketchy on details, but the accident did result in the closure of the road, which travels parallel to Interstate 580, while law enforcement officers investigated.

The first reports were that as a result of the late afternoon accident, the motorcycle wound up in a ditch and the pickup landed in a separate ravine that was off of the road. Initial reports were that the motorcyclist died and the driver of the pickup had to be transported to a nearby hospital after suffering injuries authorities described as serious.

Later news stories identified the victim as a 63-year-old California resident. He died shortly after being taken to the hospital for treatment. The later reports also described the accident as one in which the motorcyclist had been struck by the pickup truck.

There is no doubt that additional investigation will be needed in order to determine the precise cause of this accident. However, the story nonetheless serves as yet another reminder to residents of the Bay Area and the surrounding countryside to pay attention to their driving and be on the watch for motorcyclists.

Given their size, motorcycles are just harder to see and notice, so it is imperative that drivers avoid distracted driving, even for a second. Moreover, because of the size difference between a motorcycle and a car, motorcyclists often get the worst of any accident, many times dying after a collision. When drivers do not take these extra precautions, the family of a deceased motorcyclist can seek compensation through a wrongful death cause of action.