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Electric scooters posing dangers on the sidewalks

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2018 | Brain Injury |

As their distributors got their start in California, many residents of the greater Bay Area have probably seen lots of people going from one place to another on one of the many electric scooters operated by a handful of now wildly successful startup companies. These scooters are supposed to be a clean and convenient way for pedestrians to get short distances without having to hail public transportation, drive their car or haul around their bicycles.

However, a recent lawsuit filed in this state cast this new mode of transportation in a bit of a darker light. The lawsuit is a class action, meaning that, if approved, several people who have been hurt as a result of these scooters will be allowed to collectively sue those companies that put them on the streets of Alameda County and other locations.

These scooters have been reportedly responsible for hundreds of injuries and a handful of deaths. At least one of the injuries reported was a traumatic brain injury. The possibility of brain injuries while riding these vehicles, often without a helmet or protective clothing, is arguably higher since these riders are relatively unprotected from blows or even accidental falls. Moreover, as these scooters are available to anyone on the street to pick up and ride, some might not have the skills and know-how to do so safely.

Some cities in the Bay Area, including San Francisco, have gone so far as to ban these devices from the streets, and some have accused to distributors of these scooters of operating unlawfully. As such, someone who has been injured by these scooters, or, for that matter, by a scooter rider, may have legal options available to him or her.