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We pursue liability claims for inadequate security

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Premises Liability |

In previous posts, this blog has discussed how our law firm can represent those who get hurt on the property of others. Generally speaking, property owners in California, such as business owners, hotels and lodging facilities and even landlords, have an obligation to keep those who come on their property safe.

This duty requires a property owner to keep their premises clean, in good repair and free of dangerous inanimate obstacles. However, property owners in California also have an obligation to keep guests free from criminal activity like physical or sexual assaults.

This does not mean that a landowner has to prevent all criminal activity on their land. But, if the property is in a high-crime area, or if there has been a pattern of criminal activity on the property, then the landowner may have an obligation to take extra steps. This may include installing cameras, hiring a private security firm or some other security measure.

A landowner who turns a blind eye to security problems on his business premises puts all of his customers and visitors in danger. If they get attacked, then they may not be able to get compensation following the assault since their attacker could be spending years in jail and not have any money to pay the victim.

Those who have been attacked on the property of a business have the right to receive financial compensation, as well as some emotional closure, after a traumatic attack, no matter their background. Our law office is available to assist victims in the greater Bay Area with their premises liability cases.