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How dangerous is it for commercial drivers to text and drive?

Drivers in California may be ticketed if they are caught texting and driving on the state's roads. Texting and driving is a dangerous practice that can distract drivers and cause them to engage in unsafe behaviors that put their lives and the lives of others in harm's way. However, some of our readers may wonder if the same prohibitions apply to commercial drivers, who may rely on their phones and other handheld devices to navigate the complex roads of the Bay Area.

What to do after a slip and fall accident

While some of the trips and spills that California residents take may be attributable to their own clumsiness, it is no uncommon for individuals to suffer falls as a result of the negligence of other people. Particularly, when individuals fail to maintain their properties in safe and orderly manners may victims suffer injuries as a result of preventable falls. This post will briefly discuss what victims of slip and fall accidents may choose to do after suffering harm, but as with all posts on this blog readers are encouraged to seek independent legal advice.

Speeding driver likely causes deadly collision in Berkeley

Although speed limits may at times seem like hindrances to drivers who need to get to their destinations in timely manners, they exist for important reasons. California laws and regulations dictate how fast drivers may operate their vehicles in certain locations and on different types of roads so that they do not lose control and cause injuries to themselves and others. When drivers ignore these laws, devastating accidents can happen, like one that recently occurred in Berkeley.

Brain injury victims could develop mental health issues

It may go without saying that if a person in California suffers a concussion, such injuries can negatively affect their physical health. However, one report indicates that a traumatic brain injury could negatively affect a person's mental health as well.

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