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Factors that can influence premises liability claims

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Injuries that occur on the properties of others may be compensable under personal injury theories of law. Particularly, premises liability law relates to the responsibility of property owners and non-owner residents to keep land, buildings and other real property sites free of dangers and other hazards. When a California resident is hurt while visiting someone else’s home, they may have the right to sue for the recovery of their damages.

However, many factors can influence the outcomes of premises liability cases. One of the most relevant factors to such claims is the status of the victim with regard to the property where they were hurt. If a person should have had an expectation of safety when they entered the property, they are more likely to have the right to sue. If, though, they trespassed or entered the property against the wishes of the landowner, their claim may not be valid.

Another factor that can change the way a premises liability claim is assessed is the age of the victim. Children are not expected to be as careful or aware as adults; therefore, the law holds property owners to a higher standard when kids are harmed. How the victim behaves on the property, whether the allegedly responsible party is an owner or tenant of the injury location and other issues can be considered during premises liability cases.

Personal injury attorneys can give victims of these accidents specific guidance on how to approach their unique claims. This post should not be used as legal advice. The topics discussed herein are offered as information only.