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Drunk drivers are a danger to everyone else on the roads

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Drunk driving is a serious problem in every state across the United States. Every day, innocent individuals lose their lives and suffer life-changing injuries when vehicles operated by intoxicated drivers hit the cars they are driving and riding in. Too many California families have been affected by the actions of drunk drivers and have suffered the pain of losing loved ones in drunk driving collisions.

Drunk driving does not only happen when a driver is heavily inebriated. Even a small amount of alcohol can impact a driver’s ability to safely operate their vehicle. According to National Highway Transportation Safety Board, as little as one drink can change the way that a driver perceives their driving ability. They may not be able to see as well, may suffer from lapses in judgment and may feel more relaxed; therefore, they are more likely to make overly confident driving decisions than conditions may warrant.

The more a driver drinks, the more dangerous they may become. Drivers who have been drinking can lose muscle control and reaction time, may have less power to reasonably assess driving situations and may struggle with memory and other cognitive functions. In other words, drunk drivers cannot properly assess, react or process driving conditions and therefore put themselves and others in the way of harm.

After an accident with a drunk driver, a family may not have enough information to make informed legal decisions on their own. It can be useful to some to contact a car accident and personal injury attorneys in their communities for legal support and guidance. This post does not provide any legal or medical advice and is offered as information only to its readers.