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Aggressive drivers and what to do around them

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Many California drivers give in to anger and commit traffic offenses in order to threaten another person or property. This is known as aggressive driving, and it could involve running a red light, driving on the shoulder or sidewalk, passing in no-passing zones or not yielding the right-of-way to others. In most cases, speeding and tailgating are factors.

Aggressive driving is not as bad as road rage though. Road rage refers to the physical assaulting of another after a traffic incident. In road rage incidents, drivers are not simply threatening anymore but rather intending to harm the other person using their vehicle. In 37% of these incidents, firearms come into play.

Before thinking about what they can do to avert a road rage incident, drivers should know how to handle an aggressive driver. The most important step to remain calm and get out of the other driver’s way. Do not challenge the driver either by speeding up or slowing down, and do not make eye contact. Drivers should ensure that their seat belt is on.

In serious cases, drivers can call the police. They will then have to describe the vehicle, give the license plate number and provide their location and the direction they are heading. If the aggressive driver crashes, remain at a distance, and report that driver’s behavior.

Aggressive driving is a form of recklessness and has formed the basis for numerous auto accident claims in this state and nationwide. Those who were injured may have a case, assuming that they did not contribute so much to their own injuries. To see if they are eligible for compensation, victims may want a lawyer to evaluate the case. If the case seems strong, the lawyer may help with building it up and negotiating for a settlement out of court.