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The Moving Forward Act would mandate advanced safety systems

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Car Accidents |

The cars, pickup trucks and SUVs on offer in showrooms in California and around the country will all come equipped with an array of sophisticated electronic safety features if a bill currently making its way through Congress is passed and signed into law. The primary objective of the Moving Forward Act is providing funds to rebuild the nation’s infrastructure, but it would also require automobile manufacturers to equip their vehicles with safety equipment such as automatic braking systems, lane departure alerts and devices that would prevent them from stating if their drivers have been drinking.

More than an infrastructure plan

The Moving Forward Act would provide about $1.5 trillion to rebuild or improve bridges, roads and transit systems across the country. Funds would also be used to expand broadband internet access and pay for schools. However, it is the auto safety aspects of the bill that have garnered the most attention. Traffic accidents kill more than 30,000 people each year in the United States, and the vast majority of them are caused at least in part by some kind of human error. The safety systems the Moving Forward Act would mandate have been designed to eliminate human errors and prevent accidents from happening.

Bill sent to the senate

The bill was introduced on June 11 and passed by the House of Representatives on July 1. The Senate received the bill on July 20. When the proposed legislation is debated, its supporters could point out to lawmakers generally averse to increased spending and regulation that motor vehicle accidents cost the economy about $800 billion each year in property damage, lost workdays and health care expenses.

Advanced safety systems in MVA lawsuits

When vehicles equipped with cameras, radar and LiDAR crash, the information stored on their data recorders may help accident investigators to determine what happened and who or what was to blame. If you are injured in a MVA that could have been caused by the negligent actions of others, an experienced personal injury attorney could seek to obtain this electronic evidence to establish liability in a civil trial. An attorney could also use this data to encourage negligent motorists or their insurance companies to settle your car accident lawsuit.