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Gender and the effects of motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Blog, Car Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents are dangerous for everyone. But IIHS statistics show that women suffer worse injuries in crashes than men do. They also crash in different types of cars. It’s important for drivers in California to understand what factors influence car collisions.

How car choice affects accidents

Women deal with more serious injuries, especially injuries to the legs, than men do in motor vehicle accidents. Men, meanwhile, are more likely to be killed in accidents than women are. The IIHS bases crash dummies on men. One thing they’ve considered doing is creating dummies that are more similar to women.

However, a closer look at the accidents revealed that the type of cars men and women choose influence the outcomes of collisions. Women often pick smaller, lighter vehicles. These cars fare worse in crashes. That accounts for the discrepancy in injuries to the lower body. Men, meanwhile, choose larger, heavier vehicles. These create more force on impact, which may account for the higher rate of fatalities.

Breaking it down by vehicle

Looking at the percentages of who crashes in what vehicle is revealing. 60% of men in crashes are driving cars. Meanwhile, 70% are women. 20% of men involved in an MVA are driving a pickup truck. For women, the number is just 5%.

Anyone injured in an MVA should consider contacting a lawyer. A good attorney may be able to help you understand if you have a case, and against whom. Sometimes, no one in a collision is at fault: it’s a true accident. At other times, the vehicle is defective and that accounts for the injuries and their severity. In those cases, it may be possible to pursue the auto manufacturer for damages.