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A dangerous trend in e-scooter injuries

On Behalf of | May 27, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents |

The surging popularity of electric scooters in major metropolitan areas has led to an increase in commuter mobility as well as an increase in user injuries. The scooters, often called e-scooters, offer individuals a quick, efficient way to travel short distances. It is an option for what many city officials refer to as the “last mile challenge” – that final piece of a commuter’s puzzle as he or she moves between public transit, work and home. Unfortunately, the convenience comes at a cost.

A study by the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) examined data provided by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System. They focused on e-scooter injuries occurring in the United States between 2014 and 2018. Nearly 40,000 injuries were recorded with the majority being fractures, contusions, abrasions and lacerations. Injuries climbed by 222% during this time period and nearly a third of the patients suffered head trauma –  more than twice the rate that bicycle riders suffer head injuries.

Is technology the answer?

This surge in accidents has caused numerous companies to take additional steps to protect their customers. One such company, Link, has recently been approved to operate in San Jose. Link has spent time developing artificial intelligence designed to ensure their riders follow the rules. Each scooter is equipped with five onboard computers that will constantly scan, repair and flag mechanical components for maintenance. Additionally, the AI technology can sense certain rider behaviors such as going too fast or riding off a curb.

If you were in an accident involving an electric scooter, or e-scooter, it is wise to discuss your case with a legal professional. Lost wages, property damage and mounting medical bills can quickly devastate your financial security.