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Speeding for truckers can cause real problems

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2021 | Truck Accidents |

Residents and businesses in the Hayward area as well as other parts of California may want to learn more about why there is abundant danger when a trucker speeds. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s safety events happened, and speeding was one of the topics. There is no upside to truckers driving at unsafe speeds.

When a car and truck collide, the results can be devestating to drivers. Those in the car may receive severe injury or death. High speeds make this worse.

According to FleetOwner, while miles driven during the past year were down, accidents, in general, were up. Speeding is an issue for many accidents, both with motorists and truckers. Accidents are the main issue, but there are others in terms of fuel efficiency and tires.

Truck drivers think speeding will get them there faster

What are the costs for driving faster, which enables making more deliveries? Some drivers may try to get as much as possible into their legal hours of service. Exhausted drivers may cause more truck crashes.

Driving fast is less efficient. Studies show that for each one mph increase in speed over 60 mph there is a .14 mile per gallon reduction in fuel efficiency. Tires get excess wear with faster driving speeds.

Efficiency and safety should both be priorities for fleets

Companies should give incentives to drivers who make these their priority. The top people in the organization should set the standard. They must do this and let it cascade down throughout the business. Becoming a focus, safety should be a goal of trucking. With no place for speeding, the roads become safer, and the job gets done.