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4 reasons that lead to negligent security situations

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2021 | Premises Liability |

Without warning, a person wearing a ski mask pounced on you inside a public parking ramp as you were entering your car. Using some sort of weapon, your assailant beat you, robbed you of your phone, wallet and car keys, before driving off with your vehicle.

A carjacking. A brazen attack on you has left you with a punctured lung, broken ribs, facial fractures and possibly a traumatic brain injury. Where was the help? Where was the prompt response from security? How come this happened to you? It likely happened because of negligent security. Property owners and landlords must provide a haven for anyone who visits their premises. You were among the unlucky ones.

Poor lighting, lack of security employees

Why do these attacks occur? Much of that answer has to do with pure negligence on the property owner. Safety-related protocols must be implemented in places such as hotels, restaurants, office buildings, stairwells, hallways, common areas, parking lots and parking ramps.

By ignoring safety and security measures, property owners and landlords open themselves up to potential lawsuits. Here are some of the reasons that attacks tied to negligent security take place:

  • Improper, dim and poor lighting: Criminals look for opportunities, and ineffective lighting and darkness provide them with the cover they need to spring an attack in many facility areas. Good lighting must be in place.
  • Security cameras that do not work or the lack of them: Nowadays, security cameras are nearly everywhere. Fully functioning cameras and the right-placed cameras provide the eyes that security staff needs A lack in number or non-working equipment works in the favor or criminals.
  • Lack of security staff: Security staff represent another deterrent for criminals set on causing trouble. Not enough security staff provides more opportunities for criminals. The security staff also must receive proper training.
  • Unsecured windows and doors: Office buildings and hotels are not immune from having poor and easily accessed locks on doors and windows. A person working after hours in an office building may become a crime victim. So can a hotel guest.

You expect no consequences while walking in a parking ramp, parking lot as well as inside an office building or hotel hallway. Property owners must provide a safe and secure environment for visitors. They cannot cut financial corners at the expense of protecting the public.