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Can drivers prevent all auto accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Most auto accidents can be prevented but not all. When a collision does occur, some injuries can be prevented if the car is designed safely while other injuries are inevitable. All drivers in California should understand how to identify and prevent accidents and injuries.

Preventing accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can typically be prevented when all parties engage in careful driving and trip planning. The most effective preventative measure is to drive slowly. Driving too quickly makes it more difficult to brake on time to avoid a collision. The second most effective tip is to look in all directions when driving. Most accidents are caused first by speeding and second by not checking to see if other lanes are clear. This often occurs to drivers who don’t check their blind spots and don’t know if another vehicle is coming close.

Each year, thousands of accidents are caused by distracted driving. Drivers must avoid driving when they’re not in good health, when they’re under the influence of substances or when they have distractions nearby.

When accidents cannot be prevented

There are several instances when drivers cannot avoid getting into accidents. A rear-end collision is almost always difficult to prevent if the person behind is driving too fast and doesn’t brake on time. A secondary accident is also difficult or impossible to avoid from a nearby collision.

The next step after an accident

Anyone who is involved in a car accident will wonder how it could have been prevented, but in the meantime, the driver has to worry about recovering the losses and paying for the damages. Victims may be able to sue to receive compensation from the negligent driver.