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Semi-truck accidents linked to improper cargo loading

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Truck Accidents |

Improperly loaded cargo on semi-trucks is risky, so drivers must follow strict protocols. They can be held liable through personal injury lawsuits for any accident that occurs due to a problem with the cargo. Improperly loading a semi-truck could easily contribute to accidents on California roads and highways.

Unbalanced loading

In some cases, the load is too heavy on one end. This imbalance could result in the vehicle tilting over on one side and hitting the pavement. In the worst cases, the vehicle rolls over, causing severe damage.


This occurs when the truck driver’s load exceeds the gross vehicle weight rating by hundreds or thousands of pounds. Drivers are advised to check in and out of weigh stations at different stops and check the weight of their cargo. An overloaded truck places extra strain on the tires and wheels, which slows down the vehicle and increases wear and tear.

Unsecured loading

A load that is not properly secured increases the risks of truck accidents. This unsecured load could break loose and damage another vehicle; the damage is more severe if the vehicle is moving at a fast speed. In addition, loose cargo can move around and damage other cargo in the back of a semi-truck or cause it to spill onto the road, endangering everyone around the truck.

Preventing a truck accident

A truck driver is responsible for following state trucking laws about correctly loading cargo. The driver may also be responsible for any damages or injuries that occur during an accident. Anyone who has been injured in a trucking accident might want to see if the accident was linked to the improper loading of a semi-truck.