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Why motorcycle injuries could be severe

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Blog, Motorcycle Accidents |

Motorcyclists take risks when traveling on California roads. Even those who follow traffic laws and operate their motorcycles safely could suffer injuries in a weather-related accident or an unavoidable crash. Sadly, many motorcycle accidents occur because someone was negligent. Regardless of the reason for the incident, a motorcyclist could suffer far worse injuries than someone driving a car.

Motorcycles and lack of protection

The most apparent danger for motorcyclists is the lack of physical protection. Someone driving a car relies on the vehicle’s enclosure, frame, seat belts and airbags. A motorcycle’s design is far different from a car’s, leaving the motorcyclist facing potentially worse injuries in an accident.

Motorcycle helmets, jackets and chaps present some protection, but don’t expect them to do much in a head-on collision with a truck that crosses a double line. Motorcyclists must be additionally careful on the road to mitigate the risks.

Common motorcyclist injuries

Even a minor motorcycle mishap could leave a motorcyclist suffering from terrible rashes and road burns. Scraps and lacerations are possible, too. Any fall from a motorcycle may result in a traumatic brain injury, and such injuries could prove life-altering.

Broken bones, spinal damage and even blindness may result from a crash. Sadly, the chances of fatalities are high in a motorcycle accident. Again, lack of protection leaves the body open to serious harm after motorcycle accidents.

The car driver, the motorcyclist or both parties could share liability for a crash. The negligent party will likely face a personal injury claim regardless of who is at fault. An insurance settlement or civil judgment may help compensate victims for their losses.