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The course of action to take following a car accident

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Auto accidents are a fact of life in California, and many residents suffer extensive injuries in serious situations. But one issue that many accident victims typically have is not knowing how to respond in the aftermath of an incident. Even those in seemingly minor mishaps should follow a few basic steps after being involved in a crash. Those who are still mobile should respond by checking for other injured parties and then contacting 911 as soon as possible. And this especially applies when chemicals have been spilled and a fire could possibly erupt.

Response at the scene

Very few incidents in life are as disruptive as motor vehicle accidents. Once safety concerns are addressed and 911 has been notified, it is then a good decision to take photos of the scene that can be used as evidence if necessary when claims are negotiated or if a case goes to court.

Talking to investigation officers

The first step police officers will take when arriving on the scene is to question witnesses regarding what actually happened. It is important for drivers to be succinct when answering questions from officers, and by all means, never admit fault for the accident. Answer questions directly and do not embellish. Additionally, refrain from engaging in conversation or otherwise with other drivers because tempers can flare quickly.

Seek medical attention

It is important for anyone involved in an auto accident to seek medical treatment for any potential injuries as soon as possible. Time matters significantly with certain injuries like internal bleeding that are not always apparent immediately, and others such as a sprained lumbar or whiplash can manifest later as well. Always get an official diagnosis of some type to help with establishing the accident injury claim because general damages for emotional stress can be reimbursed as well.

Remember that time is important in all auto accidents, and some insurance companies can use a lapse in seeking treatment as a defense for wanting to reduce a claim value. Many victims are injured internally, and they often do not realize it until well after the fact. Do not fail in being medically evaluated because it can negatively impact any injury claim.