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Traffic issues for California motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Motorcycle Accidents |

California is home to a major number of motorcycle enthusiasts. Many of them actually use their bike as a primary mode of transportation. But they have specific concerns when on the highway with respect to other motorists and navigating traffic. One of the primary purposes of using a motorcycle as a means of transportation is more utility when negotiating congested traffic, but it carries with it certain dangers.

Avoiding quick stops

One rule of thumb for motorcyclists is avoiding any quick stops. Safe riders always follow well behind a vehicle because they could possibly not notice the biker and stop quickly in the street, which often causes a motorcyclist to be thrown forward. This is a common scenario in California motorcycle accidents since bikers rarely use seat belts.

Failure of standard motorists to recognize riders

Another issue bikers are concerned with is other vehicles not noticing them. This is actually why many bikes are fitted with loud pipes. There have been countless motorcycle mishaps in California when a passenger vehicle operator did not know a biker was even close.

Crossing lanes when turning

Another basic operational fear for bikers is turning across lanes when navigating traffic at an intersection. Not only can an oncoming car often not hear the motorcycle, they are also often distracted by events along the road or by activity inside the vehicle. This is also a primary reason many bikers travel in groups on the roadway.

These are dangers that passenger vehicles do not always experience, and the potential danger is reduced as well for automobiles because the vehicle serves as a moderate means of protection for all passengers inside. However, for vulnerable bikers with no physical protection, these dangers are not about injury but more so about life and death.