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Summer driving comes with accident risks

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Car Accidents |

The summer months provide many opportunities for people to escape the heat and travel to some of California’s many enjoyable locations. However, large numbers of drivers and other commuters on streets and highways increase the chances of collisions.

The summer brings dangers to the road

Confusion might be an overlooked reason why people get into collisions during the summer. The many tourists on California roadways during the summer are typically not familiar with their destination. They may turn erratically, slow down unpredictably and be unaccustomed to the sheer number of people around.

Distracted driving might be a scourge since vacation travelers could blare the radio while heading to a destination. Others might become distracted by a GPS, or they could turn their attention to a unique landmark or attraction instead of focusing on the road. No matter the reason, distracted driving increases danger.

Intoxicated driving remains a serious concern. Bars and restaurants promote drink specials during the summer, which could lead to more drunk drivers on the road.

More teens are on the roads during the summer since they’re out of school. While teens might wish to avoid collisions, a lack of driving experience could limit their defensive skills. Also, if they’re driving themselves to daily summer camps or lessons, they may not be used to the amount of traffic present in dropoff areas.

Legal troubles after summer travels

All the many problems could increase when scores of people take vacations and hit the highways. Court dockets may fill up soon after, thanks to civil lawsuits following car accidents. While the summer may lead to dangerous driving practices, the seasonal differences do not offer immunity to negligence claims.

Collisions may result in injuries, and victims may seek compensation to cover the costs related to the harm inflicted. A settlement with an insurance provider could deliver a reasonable conclusion, but such an outcome may rely on effective negotiations.