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Use caution on the most dangerous roads in California

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2023 | Blog, Car Accidents |

Few events are more distressing than getting into a car accident. If the incident is minor, drivers might escape with cosmetic vehicle damage. In severe crashes, someone may suffer a debilitating injury or even die.

The chance of winding up in the ICU increases under particular driving scenarios. Statistics show that certain highways have more wrecks than others.

What are the most dangerous roads in California?

Two of the most lethal sections of highway on the West Coast are in the East Bay, both being part of I-80. Those who drive them should exercise extra caution or pick alternate routes.

The first is between Exit 14A and Exit 8A, spanning Emeryville in the South to Albany up North. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data reveals 15 deaths between 2017 and 2019.

The second runs from Exit 15 to Exit 21, starting in Richmond and ending in San Pablo. The same analysis by the HTSA reports 13 fatalities along this stretch.

How can one avoid wrecking on the most dangerous roads in California?

It is sometimes impossible to avoid traveling perilous byways. When this is the case, operator awareness makes a critical difference.

Cautious individuals invest all their attention onto the road. Safe drivers avoid distractions, such as electronic devices and hot foods. They also allow a two-second stopping cushion between themselves and the car in front. Further, conscientious commuters give themselves plenty of travel time. This practice helps avoid the temptation of breaking the speed limit.

Car accidents often have dire consequences. Reducing the odds of a crackup requires foreknowledge and attention. Small decisions have the potential to avert big catastrophes.