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Protection For Whistleblowers

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling when your organization has gotten off track in its compliance with the law. It’s important to know, however, that California law provides strong protections for employees who speak out against wrongdoing by their employer.

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What Rights Do Whistleblowers Have?

Organizations of all types can come under pressure to violate the law or find they have bad actors who do so on their own. It can happen in corporations, government agencies, nonprofits or anywhere else.

If you work in such a place and blow the whistle on what is happening, California law provides strong protections. Under the California Labor Code, an employee who makes certain disclosures is considered a member of a protected class.

The disclosures could be about a violation of the law or of health and safety standards. They could be to a government agency, to a supervisor, or to someone else at the organization who is in a position to investigate the concerns.

If you are within these guidelines, your employer does not have the right to fire you. If you do get terminated, talk with us about bringing a claim for wrongful discharge. In appropriate cases, California law allows not only for lost pay in whistleblower cases, but also reinstatement to your job.

Do You Have A Claim Under Federal Law?

Federal law allows for certain types of whistleblower claims. These include:

  • IRS whistleblower program — for people who inform the IRS about others’ unpaid tax liability.
  • Qui tam actions — for people who expose fraud and bring suit on behalf of the federal government for violation of the False Claims Act

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