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NTSB aims to reduce car crashes

On Jan. 13, the National Transportation Safety Board announced its Most Wanted list for 2016 at the 95th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board. It features 10 issues that the agency wants to see addressed in the coming year. The current list contains four issues that were part of the list in 2015 and six new issues included for this year. One of the top priorities is to add collision-avoidance technology for vehicles as well as reduce fatigue-related car accidents in California and around the country.

Self-driving cars appear to have trouble with human drivers

California is one of the leading states in the nation when it comes to self-driving cars. This potentially revolutionary technology has been designed and tested on the roads of the state, and the initial usage of these driverless vehicles has been manifestly positive. There have been no fatalities or injuries reported in association with any of these automobiles yet.

Fatigue common on the nation's roads

A California motorist might sympathize with the large number of United States residents who report driving while tired. However, the potential for an accident during drowsy driving should make the statistics reported by AAA alarming. According to a 2015 surveyconducted by the organization, at least 43 percent of U.S. motorists have fallen asleep or nodded off briefly while driving at least once in their lives.

New public service campaign targets underage drunk driving

A new public service advertising campaign is underway in California and across the country. The campaign is focused on further reducing the incidence of underage drinking and driving by using a new slogan and footage designed to appeal to teens.

Defective cars blamed for wrongfully convicted drivers

Many motorists in California and across the country may be vindicated by new evidence that reveals defective cars were responsible for accidents that led to driver convictions. According to a recent report, a growing number of wrongfully convicted drviers are expected to file suit against General Motors, Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers.

Signs of whiplash after an accident

While seeking treatment after sustaining injuries in a car accident is important, some injuries might not be immediately evident when one is first evaluated by a medical professional. California residents might have some familiarity with the term whiplash but may not know that this injury can start causing problems in the days following a crash.

Technology advances may reduce fatigued driving dangers

California drivers may be interested to know that increasingly, cars and trucks are equipped with devices that reduce the chances of crashes due to fatigue. Approximately 7,000 motor vehicle crashes that result in fatalities each year are believed to have fatigue as a factor. It is difficult to get firm figures because there is no way to test for drowsiness like there is for drunk driving.

California drivers may see new safety features added to cars

Drivers in Alameda may see more protection features in new vehicles if the National Transportation Safety Board is successful in its latest campaign. The organization has determined that collision avoidance systems could save many lives.

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