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Should I pursue a lawsuit after a car accident in California?

Car accidents can cause serious injury. In these cases, victims may consider holding a driver that caused the accident responsible for his or her actions through a personal injury lawsuit. It is likely that victims have questions before moving forward with such a lawsuit. These questions may include:

Cars turning right on red pose high risk to children

It is a sight we have all seen when out on a walk or bike ride. We stop at an intersection only to notice the car that pulls up to make a right hand turn in front of us does not even notice we are there. Thankfully, we notice. We stop. We wait. If we had not, we would likely have gotten hit.

Drowsy driving accidents severely underestimated

Drowsy driving is dangerous. Falling asleep at the wheel can cause a catastrophic accident. This is not a novel concept. Yet, in this age of technological innovations, it appears the number of accidents that result from drivers falling asleep at the wheel is rising.

How can a car accident victim establish negligence?

Negligence is a legal term that often appears in personal injury cases. In many of these suits, the victim needs to establish that the person responsible for the injury was negligent. Establishing negligence generally requires that the victim meet four specific elements:

Tips to help prove fault in a car accident

It's the most basic rule of driver's education: drive safely. A failure to follow basic traffic rules can result in a ticket. Traffic tickets serve as one way to help deter drivers from making poor choices while driving. Unfortunately, even with the threat of a ticket some drivers drive in an unsafe manner. Legal remedies are available in the event that this negligence results in an accident that causes injury to another.

Does CA have a statute of limitations?

A victim injured by another's negligent or reckless actions generally has the chance to hold that person accountable through a lawsuit. In many states, including California, this form of legal relief is only available for a certain period of time. This is the statute of limitations.

"Death by Pokémon Go" study delves into car accident data

Pokémon Go! is a popular app that allows users to gather various Pokémon creatures and partake in game play. The unique aspect of this app was the fact that it incorporated real world locations. Users would stop at specific locations, like a park or mall, to get a new creature, pokeballs, battle at gyms or partake in other activities related to the game.

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