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Holding Pet Owners Accountable For The Behavior Of Their Pets

After a dog bite or other serious animal attack, it is important to document the injuries as soon as possible. This includes photographs, doctors’ reports and any other evidence demonstrating both the nature and extent of the injury, as well as the physical damage and emotional pain the victim has endured.

At the Law Offices of Leonard S. Becker, APC, we will step in immediately to help you gather the evidence that can be crucial in filing an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. The more complete the evidence, the sooner we can present a compelling case for full and fair compensation to either the insurance adjusters or the courts.

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Working For Long-Term Recovery After A Dog Bite Or Animal Attack

Contact the Law Offices of Leonard S. Becker, APC, to schedule a consultation to discuss the legal process of securing compensation for any or all of the following:

  • Emergency medical treatment
  • Post-traumatic care
  • Plastic surgeons’ evaluations
  • Corrective surgery
  • Physical therapy for a deep tissue injury

Plastic surgeons tell us that the sooner they have the opportunity to apply their skills to the prevention and mitigation of scarring and disfigurement, the better the outcome. Animal attacks can be extremely traumatic, and permanent scarring can make it even harder to move on with your life. We understand the full implications of dog bites and related injuries for your physical, emotional and financial health, and we will do everything possible to help you recover and get back to your life.

Often, the healing process can be greatly aided with proper reconstructive surgery. Our law firm helps clients procure immediate medical treatment for any and all injuries our clients have suffered in the event that they do not have the wherewithal to secure that treatment on their own. Our clients’ health is always our primary concern.

A Focus On Helping The Dog Bite Survivor

We understand that a severe dog bite or mauling can be especially traumatic. The scarring and potential disfigurement, combined with the emotional trauma, can have a lifelong impact. That is why we work so hard to help our clients obtain lifelong recovery.

Man, woman or child — if a client of ours has been seriously injured by a dog bite, exotic animal attack or car crash involving a horse, a cow or other livestock, we are prepared to fight to ensure that they have access to the following:

  • Prompt access to top-quality surgeons and other appropriate health care providers
  • Full compensation for all expenses
  • Ample time for doctors to make a realistic long-term prognosis following the initial treatment or surgery

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