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What To Do When Injured By A Falling Object?

Falling objects can be more than startling. In some cases, they can cause serious injury or even death. At the Law Offices of Leonard S. Becker, APC, we are strong advocates for justice on behalf of people who have sustained serious harm or lost loved ones because of a dangerous falling object.

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How Were You Hurt?

Nearly anything can become dangerous when it is falling from great height. We represent people affected by all types of falling objects, including:

  • Improper shelving at stores and warehouses
  • Items stacked too high
  • Unsecured debris on worksites
  • Defective equipment, including forklifts and cranes
  • Defective scaffolding
  • People dropping heavy items such as tools
  • Collapsing fences

In more than 50 years of combined experience, our lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of victims in similar accidents involving dangerous property conditions. We are here to help, and we provide compassionate, dedicated representation for our clients as they struggle with the challenges of serious injury.

If you were injured on the job, workers’ compensation benefits may be available to you. In other cases, a lawsuit may be the most appropriate way to pursue the compensation to which you are entitled. Negligent property owners, equipment operators, product manufacturers and other entities may all play a part in falling object accidents. We can investigate the claim, determine who was responsible, and take appropriate action to help you recover from your physical and financial losses.

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