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The evolution of self-driving cars

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Vehicle Accidents |

Technology continues to bring many novelties to our world. Self-parking and self-driving cars have become one of the latest controversial advancements. As with any other improvement, the evolution of vehicles comes with potential drawbacks. California motorists will continue to be interested in the discussion.

In the safety zone

Although the idea of self-driving cars may seem completely new, these designs have been in research and development for nearly two decades. Prototypes have existed in one form or another for several years, and most were successfully tested in multiple environments.

Public safety concerns often site science fiction novels or movies in an effort to debunk the effectiveness of self-driving cars. Many people have an inaccurate and futuristic view of how these concepts will change their daily lives. Moreover, there is concern about traffic accidents and the injuries and fatalities that may occur due to negligence. With no human being to blame, who will be held accountable? Will there be highway lanes that are dedicated to self-driving vehicles?

Future of the automotive world

Lawmakers and lobbyists on both sides of the issue had been in a debate about the feasibility of self-driving cars well before the public was made aware. Behavioral psychologists and driving instructors both cite one top reason for concern. The public in general has a great fear of the unknown.

It is difficult to gain adoption and agreement for most new ideas. An unmanned vehicle programmed from afar is a scary thought for nearly every generation. There are no clear boundaries or systems in place to confirm quality and accountability. Manufacturers struggle to claim full responsibility or be willing to tout a failproof system.