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Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Wrongful death of motorcyclist. Case settled for $3.6 million.
  • Wrongful death of a motorcycle rider involved in multivehicle collision due to delivery driver’s negligence. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $3.5 million.
  • Motorcyclist suffered knee injury when struck on the freeway. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $900,000.
  • Rear-end collision causing severe neck and back injuries. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $725,000.
  • Motorcyclist severely injured when hitting large pothole on the road. Liability disputed. Jury returned a verdict in plaintiff’s favor for $550,000.
  • Plaintiff involved in auto accident that exacerbated pre-existing neurological conditions. Causation of injury disputed. Settlement at $487,000.
  • Pedestrian senior citizen suffered fractured femur after being hit by vehicle. Settlement of $430,000 negotiated with insurance carrier.
  • Passenger suffered internal injuries when the tow truck she was riding in was rear-ended by a drunk driver. Nature and extend of injuries disputed. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $325,200.
  • Brothers ages 6 and 8, suffered severe injuries while in a multicar traffic collision while being driven by their mother’s boyfriend who was found to be contributory negligent. Contributory negligence alleged. $235,000 combined settlement.
  • Bicyclist suffered head injury and soft tissue injuries when struck by delivery driver in residential neighborhood. Case successfully resolved at the pretrial conference for $200,000.
  • Wrongful death of passenger in a vehicle driven by underage drunk driver leaving an unsupervised “house party.” Case successfully resolved at mediation for $200,000.
  • Bicyclist struck by vehicle door opened into his path. Nature and extent of injury disputed. Jury returned a verdict in plaintiff’s favor three times the amount of the defendant’s final settlement offer.
  • Sixty-four-year-old man suffered soft tissue injuries in auto collision. Nature and extent of injuries disputed. Case settled for policy limit of $100,000.
  • Motorcyclist ejected in collision. Policy limits received in the amount of $100,000.
  • Three-year-old suffered a broken leg when struck by vehicle in crosswalk, while leaving neighborhood park with babysitter. Settlement with insurance carrier for $100,000.

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Slip-And-Fall Accidents

  • Slip and fall in a women’s restroom at private club resulting in a fractured ankle. Won a settlement of $225,000.
  • Shopping mall patron tripped over debris in parking lot during construction that was not properly barricaded. Settlement with insurance carrier for $150,000.
  • Blind pedestrian suffered a broken leg when falling off a walkway bridge with no railings. Case settled at eve of trial for $80,000.
  • Bachelorette celebrating impending wedding at a nightclub slipped and fell due to a wet spill on the floor. She suffered a broken ankle. Nightclub disputed liability. Settled the case for $75,000.
  • Woman slipped at juice bar sustaining soft tissue injuries. Disputed liability. Settled the case for $70,000.
  • Golf patron injured while walking to his cart due to excessive mud in walkway. Defendant disputed liability. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $70,000.
  • Jogger suffered head injury and soft tissue injury when he fell off area leading up to overpass due to railing being previously removed for repair. Settlement with county agency at mediation for $64,500.
  • Store patron slipped and fell, breaking her arm at major retailer. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $52,227plus $5,000 in gift cards.
  • Tenant suffered a broken leg on slippery steps leading to her rental unit. Case settled at eve of trial for $40,000.
  • Shopping mall patron suffered soft tissue injuries when she tripped over an empty planter in a walkway. Settlement with insurance carrier for $25,000.

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Inadequate Security, Dog Bites And Other Premises Liability Actions

  • Skateboarder suffered head injuries due to construction equipment improperly stored. Defendant disputed liability. Case settled on the eve of trial for $815,000.
  • Shopping center patron suffered broken ankle due to pothole in parking lot. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $214,000.
  • Horse boarder suffered an injury to her hand when a horse broke through a defective gate. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $150,000.
  • Eight-year-old girl bitten on face by neighbor’s dog on two separate occasions. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $115,000.
  • Three-year-old suffered second- and third-degree burns to dominant hand due to broken electrical outlet at rental hall for family baby shower. Defendant alleged comparative negligence against parents. Settlement at $80,000.
  • Ten-year-old boy bitten on face and hand by friend’s dog. Case was settled for $76,750.
  • Sixteen-year-old girl broke her foot due to “rough housing” while attending birthday celebration at hotel, which was not properly supervised by adults. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $51,000.
  • Sisters ages 7 and 11 were taking horse riding lessons when the 11-year-old was kicked in the head while assisting the trainer in prepping the horse for the lesson. Combined settlement of $50,000.
  • Golf patron attacked by an inebriated golfer on a private golf course. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $50,000.
  • Shopper suffered head injury and soft tissue injuries at home improvement store when employee failed to block the adjacent aisle that he was stocking. Settlement with insurance carrier for $46,500.
  • Woman taking horse riding lessons suffers broken clavicle due to being thrown from horse during lessons, which included a signed waiver. Case was settled for $20,000.

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Other Legal Actions

  • Plaintiff accidentally poked in eye by personal trainer during physical fitness session. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $72,000.
  • Plaintiff wrongfully accused of “passing” a forged check. Wrongful detention claim against major retail chain. Nature and extent of injury disputed. Case successfully resolved at mediation for $63,000.