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Federal rest rules limit aim to prevent fatigued truckers

Truck driver fatigue is a serious safety hazard for drivers traveling on the highways and other roads in Alameda and the greater Bay Area. A driver who is too tired to operate a large truck safely can easily cause a truck accident, as his or her mind will tend to wander from the task at hand, even if the driver manages to physically stay awake. In some cases, the behavior of a fatigued driver may even resemble that of a trucker who is driving while drunk or on drugs.

Moreover, because of the size difference between trucks and other vehicles on the road, an accident caused by a fatigued trucker can easily turn in to a very serious affair that can leave a victim with brain injuries, spine injuries and other injuries that can prove permanently debilitating.

Reckless drivers warned to skip latest social media fad

With more than 37,000 deaths on the country's roads and highways every year, our Alameda readers might think that safe driving practices would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, just the opposite seems to be true: as distractions proliferate, some seem to be forgetting that negligence behind the wheel leads directly to dangerous and potentially fatal car accidents.

For example, the latest "challenge" to go viral on social media began when one young man's video of himself dancing to a new hit song began attracting millions of views and spurring others (even some celebrities) to upload similar videos. But things took a serious and reckless turn when some drivers would put the tune on, set their smartphones to record video, then hop out of the car and dance alongside while the empty car continues down the road. These videos became so popular that the National Transportation Safety Board addressed it on social media, quoting the hook from the song and reminding drivers to stay buckled up and in their cars.

Emotional trauma and premises liability claims

We often write here on our Alameda personal injury law blog about the types of injuries and losses for which victims can seek compensation. All manner of outward physical injuries, brain injuries and the loss of a loved one's life may be included in a legal action.

Sometimes, however, the injuries Alameda residents suffer in an animal attack or other accident go beyond the physical. Victims who appear to be recovering physically or in good health may find themselves experiencing insomnia or nightmares. They may suffer from mood swings and isolate from friends and family. They may experience major gains or losses in body weight, or they may suffer from a relentless fatigue. Whatever the case, they no longer seem to act like the same person as prior to the accident.

Dog bite victim required surgery, rabies shots

Sometimes, owners allow their dogs to run free in Alameda neighborhoods. Other times, dogs may get free on their own and roam loose. Whatever the case, when these animals cause injury, a premises liability lawsuit can hold their owner accountable.

A recent example occurred in a community a few hours to the east of Alameda, where a woman was walking in a church parking lot early on a Sunday morning. Two large dogs were apparently running and playing in the area, and when they approached the woman, she thought they were friendly. Then, suddenly, she was attacked.

Who is at fault for an injury on another party's property?

If you're walking down the street and trip because of an open manhole, who's to blame? What about if you fall because of slick steps at a waterpark? If you slip on a wet floor at a restaurant, can you do anything about it?

These are common questions people have, and all of them have to do with premises liability. When you get hurt because of a business owner's or home owner's negligence or intent to harm you, you can generally hold him or her responsible for your injuries. You do this through a premises liability claim.

State official injured in accident with drunk driver

Accidents happen every day in Alameda in in the surrounding communities. Particularly when a driver is drunk or otherwise intoxicated, anyone else sharing the road could become the next victim.

Just recently, Betty Yee - the State Controller of California - and her husband left their Alameda home for a meeting in a nearby city. They were being driven to the meeting by a driver from the California Highway Patrol. Northbound traffic in the Posey Tube had brought them to a halt.

5 serious injuries common after truck crashes

Truck accident injuries come in a number of forms, but one thing that you should know is that they are often severe. There is the weight of the truck to consider along with the potential for injuries from the speed of impact, your own vehicle's seat belt and airbags as well as potentially hazardous materials if they spill from the truck or tanker.

Truck accident injuries often include injuries such as head and brain trauma, rib injuries and spinal cord injuries. Here are five injuries that you may notice following a serious collision with a large truck.

Recovery from a brain injury can be intensive, long-term process

Car and truck accidents, even minor ones, have the potential to be devastating, life-altering events. Many victims who survive a crash are left with a brain injury that can require intensive rehabilitation and lifelong care. Recently, one victim's progress in rehabilitation made headlines here in California, highlighting the complications that can accompany this condition.

The victim was a surfer who took up the sport at the age of eight and, within a few years, was winning national recognition. He soon picked up snowboarding as well. But, an accident while snowboarding left him with a serious brain injury in an area of his brain that often proves fatal.

How is a child's life evaluated in a wrongful death case?

The loss of a child's life in an automobile accident is a tragedy that no Alameda family should ever have to bear. Yet, far too often, families are confronted with this reality. As we've discussed previously, a wrongful death lawsuit can provide some measure of accountability as well as protection for a family's financial stability. But, how does a judge or jury decide what amount of compensation to award for the loss of a child's life?

Strictly speaking, compensation for the loss of a child's life will be based on the financial losses the family has suffered as a result. There is a fair amount of speculation involved in this determination. Considerations include the age, health and life expectancy of the child as well as those of the parents or other family members pursuing the claim.

Driver causes fatal accident in Alameda County construction zone

Criminal charges are an important way in which Alameda County holds distracted or otherwise negligent drivers accountable when their actions lead to the loss of innocent lives. However, the threshold of proof necessary to convict someone can be difficult to clear. In those cases, officials may not press charges at all.

The California Highway Patrol recently announced that charges are unlikely to be sought against a supposedly distracted driver in a fatal crash in a nearby community. The driver failed to slow down when entering a construction zone where cars were backed up, and collided with the car ahead of them. The impact caused a chain reaction, with the rear-ended vehicle of the first crash impacting another car.

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