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How can a car accident victim establish negligence?

Negligence is a legal term that often appears in personal injury cases. In many of these suits, the victim needs to establish that the person responsible for the injury was negligent. Establishing negligence generally requires that the victim meet four specific elements:

Tips to help prove fault in a car accident

It's the most basic rule of driver's education: drive safely. A failure to follow basic traffic rules can result in a ticket. Traffic tickets serve as one way to help deter drivers from making poor choices while driving. Unfortunately, even with the threat of a ticket some drivers drive in an unsafe manner. Legal remedies are available in the event that this negligence results in an accident that causes injury to another.

Injured in a retail store on Black Friday?

Alameda shoppers, like so many others around the country, love to hunt for deals on Black Friday. Although more and more are shopping online these days, brick-and-mortar stores still do their best to lure in bargain hunters before the holidays. Unfortunately, Black Friday shopping in the stores can pose some serious risks to customers' health and safety, particularly when a negligent property owner fails to account for hazardous conditions.

Given the dramatic increase in the number of shoppers crowding a store on Black Friday, any number of dangerous conditions can arise. Somebody who drops a coffee or a soda on the floor may leave it and keep pushing forward to the next deal down the aisle. Or perhaps someone knocks a gallon container of some kind of liquid off a shelf.

Does CA have a statute of limitations?

A victim injured by another's negligent or reckless actions generally has the chance to hold that person accountable through a lawsuit. In many states, including California, this form of legal relief is only available for a certain period of time. This is the statute of limitations.

What time limits apply to claims in CA?

Two main factors impact the statute of limitations: where the claim is filed and the type of legal action. According to California state law, the following time limits generally apply:

"Death by Pokémon Go" study delves into car accident data

Pokémon Go! is a popular app that allows users to gather various Pokémon creatures and partake in game play. The unique aspect of this app was the fact that it incorporated real world locations. Users would stop at specific locations, like a park or mall, to get a new creature, pokeballs, battle at gyms or partake in other activities related to the game.

In theory, the app seems like a great way to get kids and adults outside while still playing a beloved game. In reality, the app resulted in a spike in car accidents, often with tragic consequences.

The difference between reckless, negligent and distracted drivers

The majority of car accidents today are caused by what is classified as a distracted driver. However, in addition to that title, there are a few others that may classify a driver as well. These classifications can carry differing punishments and consequences. So, what is the difference between a distracted driver, a negligent driver, and a reckless driver?

A distracted driver can be defined, in layman's terms, as one whose attention is diverted from the road. Some examples of this are a driver who is texting, eating, applying makeup, or leaning over to pick up something out of a floorboard. This driver classification can be difficult to prove unless there is physical evidence such as an unfinished text on a cell phone, or a witness who is willing to testify. Occasionally, an event can be caught on camera by security systems at a nearby home or business. If a distracted driver denies liability, evidence will be key in determining fault, and deciding which insurance company must pay. Further, if distraction can be proved, a potential large monetary lawsuit may be filed depending on the severity of the accident and injuries.

Study finds 2 primary factors contribute to pedestrian accidents

An accident involving a pedestrian and a motor vehicle can result in serious, potentially fatal injuries for the pedestrian. Unfortunately, these accidents are not uncommon. A publication in the United States National Library of Medicine's National Institutes of Health (NIH) notes that "traffic-related pedestrian injuries are a growing public health threat."

These types of accidents are of particular concern for residents of California. A piece in the Los Angeles Times reports that the state leads the nation in pedestrian accident fatalities.

Bitten by a dog in Hayward, CA? 4 questions, answered.

Dog bites can cause serious injuries that are costly to treat. Dog attack injuries were responsible for over $600 million dollars in homeowner's insurance claims in 2016. A recent report by the Insurance Information Institute (III) notes that the prevalence of dog bites has increase in recent years.

How common are dog bites? Between 2015 and 2016 claims for injuries related to dog bites increase from 15,352 to 18,123. This translates to an 18 percent increase in one year.

3 types of injuries that result from semitruck accidents

It was devastating. The truck in the lane next to you moved over when you didn't have time to get out of the way. With nowhere to go, your vehicle ended up crushed into the center divider. The truck driver couldn't control the rig, and it ended up crushing your vehicle.

You made it out alive, but not without serious injuries. Those injuries are a result of negligence, and it's your right to pursue a claim. You aren't alone suffering from injuries like these. Many people who get into crashes also struggle with severe injuries. Here are a few common injuries caused by truck crashes.

  • Chest injuries

OSHA requires online accident reporting: Impact in CA

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) have a number of requirements that are designed to help keep the workplace safe. These requirements cover work spaces that span from a traditional office to outdoor work areas like construction sites.

Although there are some rules that are directly aimed at each specific workplace, others are fairly general and apply to all work sites. One such example involves reporting requirements. Employers are generally required to report certain injuries and illnesses to OSHA. In an attempt to make the use of technological innovations, the agency has shifted to require online reporting of this data.

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